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Graph Information

Field Internal name Type Warn Crit Info
Class space used metaspace_class_used gauge     Portion of metaspace used for classes
Other metaspace used metaspace_used gauge     Other metaspace used, excluding class space
Class space committed metaspace_class_committed gauge     Portion of metaspace committed for classes but not used
Other metaspace committed metaspace_committed gauge     Other metaspace committed but not used, excluding class space
Class space reserved metaspace_class_reserved gauge     Portion of metaspace reserved for classes but not committed
Other metaspace reserved metaspace_reserved gauge     Other metaspace reserved but not committed, excluding class space
Young heap heap_young gauge     Young generation region of the heap
Survivor heap heap_survivor gauge     Survivor generation region of the heap
Other used heap heap_used gauge     Other used heap memory, excluding the young and survivor regions
Free heap heap_free gauge     Unused but allocated heap memory